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Terms and Conditions regarding the Outdoor / Rural Activities

Acceptance of these terms and conditions is required in order to participate in Masticulture activities.

When venturing into the countryside or to the sea you should take precautions in order to avoid unexpected and sometimes unpleasant surprises. For your own safety you should wear shoes or trainers instead of sandals or flip flops so that you are less exposed to accidents. We may also encounter harmful species of snakes, insects, fish, etc. Please, be aware that insect bites (e.g. bee) are not only harmful but can in some cases be fatal, especially if someone is allergic.

Also, the summer sun can easily cause sunstroke with unpleasant consequences. Therefore it is imperative that you take some safety measures, especially for children, such as always wearing a hat and sunglasses, as well as using sunscreen and drinking a lot of water.

If unforeseen circumstances arise due to which your participation in the ecotourism activities that Masticulture organises becomes impossible, or if you do not wish to undertake the above risks, we kindly request that you notify us immediately.

The owners and employees of Masticulture have no responsibility for anything that may occur that is relevant to the above-mentioned or other similar causes during the respective ecotourism activities.

The fee for participation in ecotourism activities organised by Masticulture should be deposited before departure.

To securely book a place we require full payment in advance. Full refund is possible only if the programme doesn’t run through the organizers’ fault or if the organizer decides to cancel because of inappropriate weather conditions or if the minimum amount of participants is not met.

After the beginning of the event the fee is non refundable, even if the participant does not stay for the duration of the event for reasons that Masticulture is not responsible for (e.g. dizziness, headache, or generally if the participant is feeling unwell).

In cases of no show there is no refund.

50% of the payment will be refunded if cancellation is requested 3 days before the start of the activity.

The ecotourism activities programme you are participating in has been scheduled in advance by the Masticulture staff. It is described in the brochures, website and the announcements available at the Masticulture office.

Please, feel free to contact us for information on the subject/content of the activities we organise.

By participating in the programme you declare that you accept the fee you have deposited as fair, reasonable and acceptable.

Withdrawing from the agreement or fee reduction for reasons that are not included in the present terms and conditions is not acceptable; participants thus renounce their rights.

Unless participants have opted out on the Application Form, they consent to photographs, pictures, slides, movies, video, or other media coverage of the participant being taken by or on behalf of Masticulture in connection with their participation in the activities without compensation from Masticulture, and consent to the use by Masticulture of photographs, pictures, slides, movies, videos, or other media coverage of them taken in connection with their participation in the activities to promote the activities and sustainable tourism practices in general in website, social media networks, advertisements, articles etc.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Greek laws and the place of jurisdiction, any difference between the two parties shall be settled in the courts of Chios. By participating and depositing the fee you are bound by the above terms and conditions.

I declare that I have read and understood and agree with the above terms and conditions.