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Agritourism activities in Chios Greece

Enjoy a first hand presentation and hands-on experience of how local agricultural products such as mastic, olives, wine and other local goods are produced. Escort our fellow villagers on escapades searching for and gathering wild mushrooms and greens. Each expedition is themed and in many cases leads to a gastronomic surprise.

You have the option to combine those activities with accommodation in one of the traditional guest houses and hotels of the medieval villages, Kampos or other rural areas of Chios.

How to apply for your participation in our activities

Most of our themed experiential activities are pre-programmed on a weekly schedule from April to November and on an on-demand or made-to-order basis during the rest of the year. Pre-booking is required to join our activities. Click here for more details.

Agritourism and ecotourism experiential activities


A presentation and contribution to mastic cultivation. Young farmers demonstrate all the stages of mastic tree cultivation in a real field. During the demonstration you will be encouraged to try using the traditional tools and techniques involved in the extraction and harvest of the mastic resin from the tree.
Depending on the season the programme includes various surprises like the tomatoes picking right out of an organic garden and the picnic in the field under the shade of the mastic trees.

Weaving the mastic tree, an experiential agrotourism activity for all ages.

Fresh picked tomatoes ready for a picnic

"Squeeze the juice out": grapes harvest, winemaking

Together with Mesta's wine producers you'll harvest grapes and, after kicking off your shoes, you'll stomp on them to make must.

Offered upon demand only in September
Fresh must coming out of the grapes press
"The fig is on fire": the figs distillation process
The Chian version of Tsipouro is called souma. This local spirit is produced by distilling fermented sun dried figs at the local artisanal factories of the medieval villages of Chios like Mesta, Agios Georgios and others. You can join the locals in this slow process accompanied by nice live music and meze-style dishes.
Offered upon demand only in November and December
Alcohol meter in a traditional distillery in Mesta Chios Greece
“Getting oiled up”: Olives picking, olive oil production
Join us in olive picking, find out how a fungus benefits an olive and learn the secrets of extra virgin olive oil while watching its production at a local "liotrivi" (olive press). At the end of the process you can dip a piece of home made bread in a bowl of fresh oil.
This programme includes a visit to a mixed mastic and olive grove where you can also experience the mastic tree cultivation process.
Offered upon demand only in November and December
Chios olives
Visit to ouzo distilleries and other small agricultural food factories
Experience the production of mastic flavored ouzo, local pasta and other traditional food products. During this programme you will visit a liquor factory, a pasta factory and the Kampos area fertile orchards.
Offered upon demand all year round
The Chios Natural Gum Mastic
Guided tours
Special tours led by a professional guide. They include a historical account that helps you find out about every place you visit with historical accuracy.
Offered upon demand all year round
The house were Christopher Columbus stayed in Pyrgi Chios Greece